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#SliceofLife Launch Party at Jarlsberg!

August 12, 2013

  • Now added: a Pinterest opportunity to win a FREE Toastabag!

We’re launching the Jarlsberg Instagram account and you’re invited to the party! Let Jarlsberg be your #SliceofLife, and receive a free Toastabag!

Regular Loaf of Jarlsberg

Did you know that you can find Jarlsberg and Jarlsberg Lite at the serve deli counter and in convenient pre-sliced packages in your specialty cheese deli department? Throw a few slices on your sandwich to make back-to-school lunches a breeze! Assemble a few slices onto the bread and melt – making it a gooey Jarlsberg grilled cheese!

Snap a photo of your Jarlsberg slices and tag with #SliceofLife, and we’ll send you a free Toastabag!

toaster with Toastabag

A Toastabag is a handy bag to quickly make a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster. A fun way to make the best grilled cheese sandwiches without the mess – no butter required!

To launch our Instagram account, we want to celebrate your photos of sliced Jarlsberg and Jarlsberg Lite. Photos tagged with #SliceofLife will be reposted with credit.

Plus, we’ll send Toastabags to the first 1000 users that join our launch party by tagging their photos of sliced Jarlsberg (see official guidelines below).

We’re so excited to see and share your #SliceofLife photos! Your Toastabag is ready whenever you are…!

Jarlsberg Lite Shingles

How it works:

  • find sliced Jarlsberg and sliced Jarlsberg Lite in the deli (ready-to-slice loaves) and specialty cheese case (pre-sliced packages).
  • take a photo of Jarlsberg/Jarlsberg Lite in sliced form (for example: as the deli is slicing it for you; in line as you check out with your delicious Jarlsberg slices; at home as you add Jarlsberg slices to make the perfect school lunch). Make sure we can tell it’s Jarlsberg!
  • post your sliced Jarlsberg photo to Instagram and tag with #SliceofLife and @JarlsbergUSA.
  • we’ll repost as many #SliceofLife photos as we can, with credit to the owner.
  • once you’ve posted your #SliceofLife photo, fill out this form to qualify for your Toastabag.

Pinterest option:

  • follow Jarlsberg USA on Pinterest
  • re-pin any image from our Sliced Jarlsberg and Jarlsberg Lite board onto one or more of your Pinterest boards tagging JarlsbergUSA and #SliceofLife
  • OR – upload your own photos of sliced Jarlsberg (see “How it works” above) and tag JarlsbergUSA and #SliceofLife
  • once you’ve posted your #SliceofLife photo, fill out this form to qualify for your Toastabag.


Void where prohibited. Must be 18 or older to participate. Eligible entries will follow steps outlined above. The first 1000 (one thousand) eligible entries via Instagram and entry form will receive a Toastabag via USPS. One Toastabag per address. Limited quantities. Shipping to US addresses only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

Updated to include eligible entries via Pinterest, as stated above. First 1000 (one thousand) entries combined via Instagram and Pinterest and entry form will receive a Toastabag via USPS. 

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