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June 18, 2012

Marky Ramone's Marinara Pasta Sauce--a secret ingredient in the Jarlsberg Grilled Cheese Cook-Off

Marky Ramone’s Marinara Pasta Sauce–a secret ingredient in the Jarlsberg Grilled Cheese Cook-Off

Marky Ramone’s Cruisin’ Kitchen recently competed in the Jarlsberg Grilled Cheese Cook-Off at the 5 Boro PicNYC.  Their delicious custom grilled cheese creation played on one of their specialties: meat balls! Here’s what the folks at Cruisin’ Kitchen had to say about their recipe:

We developed a Pate/Loaf, modifying our Classic Meatball recipe by decreasing Pecorino Romano and increasing the nutty, herb & zesty spices to complement the semi-soft nature of Jarlsberg. Jarlsberg has similar cow’s milk characteristics of Robiola, Fontina, Tallegio and Mozzarella  normally associated with a “Meatball” style sandwich. In our recipe trials, we were excited that the creamy nutty flavor of Jarlsberg profile melded well and complemented Marky Ramone’s Marianara Pasta Sauce! Providing full proof that deliciousness can and should cross culinary borders.

Marky Ramone's Cruisin' Kitchen delicious "Meatball Pate" Jarlsberg Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Marky Ramone’s Cruisin’ Kitchen delicious “Meatball Pate” Jarlsberg Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


– 2 Slices of NY Hand Made Bread
– 1/2 oz Slice Jarlsberg on each slice
– 1 oz slice of “Meatball Pate”
– 1 Tablespoon Marky Ramone’s Marinara Pasta Sauce
– Light brush of unsalted butter for exterior slices of bread

Combine all ingredients into a sandwich. On low-medium heat grill each side of the sandwich for 2-3 minutes until a deep golden crust forms. After second flip, lightly press down with your spatula to disperse the warm melted cheese.

(Editor’s note: We’re still working on getting our hands on their super-secret “Meatball Pate” recipe. Stay tuned! In the meantime, make sure to visit the Cruisin’ Kitchen food truck in NYC to sample their delicious fare. More information below.)


This summer Cruisin Kitchen is roaming the NYC streets offering a variety of flavorful global inspired Balls, Sides, Sauces & Drumstick Specials. Follow us on Twitter for daily specials & specific locations. We are building a loyal hungry following in our 1st month feeding NY’ers from our mobile food truck. We have new recipes in the pipeline that will keep our eaters interested and excited to return several times a week.

Marky Ramone’s Cruisin Kitchen summer schedule:

We are booked for Max’s Kansas City reunion events, The CBGB Festival, Photoville NYC and available for private, corporate and special events.

Visit Marky Ramone’s Cruisin’ Kitchen:


We’re giving away 101 Jarlsberg Toastabags! Join our “101 Ways to Lighten Up with Jarlsberg Lite” Facebook event to get yours!

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