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An amazing recipe for Totchos, from That Burger and Idle Hands Bar

March 9, 2012

Try some Jarlsberg Dip in your Totchos!

The weekend is here, with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner. Next week we’ll kick off a week of recipes devoted to celebrating that illustrious holiday.

To tide you over, we’d like to present you with a stunning new recipe from Chef Dan Peterson of Idle Hands Bar and That Burger in Brooklyn, NY. You can even try this dish for yourself on Monday, March12 by visiting Idle Hands during this event.

Totchos (Tater Tot Nachos)

15 Tater Tots, cooked and crushed up
3 Strips Bacon, cooked and chooped
2 oz ground beef – preferably, the secret That Burger blend 😉 – cooked and chopped
1 slice American Cheese
handful shredded mozzarella cheese
big spoonful of jarlsberg original cheese dip
half a jalepeno, thinly sliced and sauteed
BBQ Sauce and Hot Sauce (preferably Franks Hot Sauce) to taste.

Combine all ingredients on a hot griddle or pan and stir together until cheese is melted. Serve in a bowl with forks and enjoy!

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  1. March 14, 2012 12:25 am

    I actually got to try this yummy dish, courtesy Chef Dan Petersen and it was sooooo very tasty! A great party-pleaser!

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