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INTERVIEW WITH EDWARD RENARDE, Executive Sous Chef at the Madison Hotel

October 24, 2011

INTERVIEW WITH EDWARD RENARDE, Executive Sous Chef at the Madison

Chef Edward Renarde

Chef Edward Renarde

This past May, Jarlsberg USA had the opportunity to sponsor and attend Eat Write Retreat, a unique food blogger conference taking place in Washington DC. During the Street Festival Welcome Dinner, The Madison Hotel whipped up some delicious Cuban Sandwiches, featuring Jarlsberg cheese.

Jarlsberg-filled Cuban Sandwiches at The Madison Hotel in Washington DC

Jarlsberg-filled Cuban Sandwiches waiting to be grilled at The Madison Hotel in Washington DC (photo courtesy Olga Berman)

We asked The Madison’s Executive Sous Chef Edward Renarde to share his recipe for this traditional Cuban dish and found out a little more about the chef himself.

Jarlsberg USA: Tell us some of your favorite foods to eat, to prepare or both!

Chef Edward Renarde: My favorite foods to eat and prepare for myself and or others would be anything from the Spanish region and definitely Mediterranean cuisine. I am a great lover of olives, capers, dried fruits, infusing lemon essence, rosemary, oregano. Proteins would be most fish, poultry and of course red meats.

JUSA: In your position with The Madison, how many meals do you prepare each day, and what are some of the challenges associated with the volume of diners you serve?

ER: Well, as far as the amount of meals that we prepare, (the number) definitely does fluctuate. (There’s) Postscript (Restaurant and Lounge)—if open for our breakfast buffet from 6 am to 11 am; lunch from 11:30 to 3:00 pm, dinner from 4:30 pm to 12:00am—not to mention banquets throughout the day of hot plated and buffet, also continental breakfasts, plated and buffet lunches, and plated and buffet dinners, receptions with passed hors d’oeuvres and fantastic carving (stations) and meals prepared to order by an attendant.

Challenges? Well, we like to keep our challenges to a minimum if possible. I like to keep my food simple yet creative with lots of bold flavors to awaken the palate as well as the mind.

JUSA: What is one tip that home cooks can take from your kitchen to run their home kitchens more smoothly?

ER: Tips on how to run a kitchen in your own home smoothly would be to always be organized, clean, diligent, creative, and to always enjoy what you do no matter how small or extravagant.

JUSA: What is the most outrageous culinary request you’ve fulfilled while working in the hotel/restaurant business?

ER: Well, as far as outrageous request, there seems to be a great deal of people with severe dietary requests that I have come across. On occasion I have been given sheets of special requests (due to) allergy restriction. I have always taken these issues to heart and try to give that person the best meal that I can so that they do not feel deprived of flavor or presentation.

Well, to keep up with an “outrageous request”, I was asked by a guest to pop out of a huge cake for a holiday function years ago, that was kind of fun.

Thanks Chef!

And now, his delicious recipe for those amazing Cuban Sandwiches served at Eat Write Retreat.


Pork loin

Black forest ham, thinly sliced (a simple deli ham will do, also)

¼ cup cumin seed

2 cups garlic

4 shallots

1 jalapeno

½ cup sherry vinegar

Juice of 3 limes

2 cup orange juice-reduced by half

4 cups olive oil

Jarlsberg cheese thinly sliced

Dijonaise- Dijon mustard and mayo mixed together

Dill pickles slices

French baguette –cut in half

Heat oil just to the point before boiling. While you are heating the oil, add garlic, jalapeno, shallots, cumin to a blender and blend until roughly smooth. Add mixture to hot oil. Stir and cook for 3-4 minutes. Set aside to cool. Then add orange juice, lime juice, sherry vinegar.

When oil, garlic and juice mixture has cooled, add to the pork loin and marinate 3-4 hours.

Remove the loin from the marinade and sear in a hot skillet, browning on all sides. Place on baking tray with remainder of marinade.

Place in oven for 45 minutes to one hour at 325 degrees. Pull out and let loin rest, then slice thinly.

Spread baguette with dijonaise, and layer with ham, pork, pickles, and cheese. Butter the outside of the baguette. Place in a Panini press or a large skillet and press down to flatten the sandwich. On a medium flame, cook 3-4 minutes per side.

Cut in half and enjoy your homemade Cuban delight!

More Jarlsberg-filled Cuban sandwiches, awaiting their turn at the grill

More Jarlsberg-filled Cuban sandwiches, awaiting their turn at the grill (photo courtesy Olga Berman)

 About The Madison Hotel, Washington, DC

When visiting the nation’s capital, experience Washington, DC in a landmark location, with personalized service and elegant accommodations. One of the most distinguished hotels in Washington, DC, The Madison is only a short stroll from the White House, Embassy Row, National Mall Monuments and Smithsonian Museums.   With 353 exquisitely appointed guest rooms including 13 suites designed to provide the utmost elegance and privacy, all rooms are complemented with oversized desks and ergonomic chairs allowing guests to work in their Washington, DC hotel room with all the comforts of the home or office. The Madison Hotel is also a great place to host your next meeting or conference and will take care of every detail with themed breakout sessions designed to create a unique meeting environment.

The Madison Hotel (photo courtesy Olga Berman)

The Madison Hotel (photo courtesy Olga Berman)

Olga Berman’s food blog can be found here.


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