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Men’s Fitness Magazine Includes Jarlsberg Lite in Healthy Round-Up!

July 2, 2011

Craving a midnight snack? Consider a Jarlsberg Lite Quesadilla! Visit MEN’S FITNESS to find 10 healthier snacks sure to calm those bedtime hunger pangs. And don’t relegate that quesadilla to just ‘Round Midnight. Serve with a green or bean salad and you have a wholesome meal. Here are some delicious combinations to try. Remember to grate Jarlsberg first for easy, even melting:

  • Jarlsberg & grilled portabella mushroom
  • Jarlsberg, thin sliced apple & bacon
  • Jarlsberg, spinach & spiced pecans
  • Jarlsberg, grilled shrimp & avocado (grilled chicken or steak is great, too)
  • Jarlsberg, smoked salmon, capers & onion (a dab of Snofrisk—a Norwegian cream cheese – or sour cream will take this combo over the top!)

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